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Custom Designs, Professional Quality 


Squared - Plywood backed pads with 3" foam

Turn any baseball or softball dugout into a professional feeling environment by adding these high quality dugout rails. Dugout rails or lean rails provide protection for players on bench, while also offering a comfortable leaning bar for others.



Dyneema Netting and Squared Premium - plywood backed pads by @NettingPros



Complete Dugout Rail Kit Includes:

Heavy Duty ALL-WELDED Galvanized pipe railing, DURA-Dip UV treated Nylon or Dyneema netting, and vinyl covered SF padding. Contact us today for a Custom Quote and full Specifications Sheet.
Don't settle for cheap, thin-wall tubing, and bolt together rails with fittings. Over time, these type rails fall apart, sag, bend and rust.

 Or Purchase Dugout Rail Components Separately:

  • Custom Rail Padding with Custom Graphics.
  • Padding is available in two styles: Premium Squared padding and Standard Round Padding





ALSO AVAILABLE: Standard Round Rail pads with 1" foam and grommets and SF Tubular Standard padding for up to 2" diameter pipe


  • Custom Rail Netting (Typical Net Selections: #24 Twisted Knotted Nylon, #36 Twisted Knotted Nylon, #18 Twisted Knotted Spectra / Dyneema)
  • Custom Pipe Rails (fabricated in welding shop from Galvanized steel pipe or Aluminum)
  • Lacing cord and HD cable ties for attachment


We also offer full dugout protection netting, including rail extensions providing full - height netting to protect all players and coaches in the dugout while still allowing for good visibility of the game.

CONTACT US for a custom quote.





Toll Free: 844-620-2707


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