Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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Netting Professionals Batting Practice Roll-on cages are constructed from the highest quality materials and designed for heavy team use.

BP Turtle Pro:

"Netting Pros BP Turtle Pro is a high quality product that will stand the test of time. It changes the dynamics in terms of our day to day look.  As you want to be excellent it helps us get there by giving us a great facelift.  Turtles are the centerpiece of your everyday work and it helps improve our center.  We appreciate the Netting Pros in helping us take the next step as a program."

                                                        - JAY SULLENGER
                                                        - HEAD COACH
                                                        - BIOLA UNIVERSITY BASEBALL



This is hands-down the BEST Roll Cage in the world!

Specifications / Details:
•    Dimensions: 16' 6" inside width mouth / 20' outside wheels x 10' 6" H x 15' deep / 17'6" deep to back wheel
•    Rigid Framework with welded 2" Sch. 40 aluminum pipe. Available with three swivel wheels, or rigid side wheels with steering rear wheel.
•    #60 UV DURA-Dip treated black nylon netting and 18 oz. vinyl ball stop / backdrop.
•    Full Vinyl Covered rail padding on all exposed bars.
•    Extra shade and dead-ball curtain at roof available upon request.
•    Made in the USA




Standard Model BP TURTLE PRO with FULL VINYL COVERED PADDING SET - Rigid side wheels / Swivel rear wheel

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Toll Free: 844-620-2707


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