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Double Hitting System - BP HITTER PRO


This system allows for double batting practice on the field. Get double the amount of swings in a given practice time, maximizing the time you have for batting practice. By placing two BP Hitter Pro units side by side in the home plate circle, you can set up two batters and two pitchers. Some common setups are: 1 RHP + 1 Pitch machine, 2 Pitching Machines, 1 RHP + 1 LHP, 1  Pitching Machine + 1 LHP. #doublebp #battingpractice

The Double Hitting System by Netting Professionals features the use of an 8 x 16 Bifold Protective screen combined with two pitching protective screens (L Screens) to assist with protecting each pitcher or machine operator.



The BP Hitter Pro cage is designed for single on-field BP or can be combined with a second unit to create two side-by-side double hitting situations (Double Barrel BP).
•    All welded rigid rear framework, with hinging wings allows the BP Hitter to roll through narrow gates.
•    With 5 swivel caster wheels, it is easily moved by one person.All welded 2" schedule 40 aluminum framework
•    Netting: #60 DURA-Dip treated nylon with clips and HD Braided lacing cord.
•    Comes standard with 18 oz vinyl ball stop curtain and front padded wings.

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Toll Free: 844-620-2707


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